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reEDITORS exploded into the scene in 2012. Festivals, pubs, indoors and outdoors: reEDITORS will come, see and conquer with an astounding live set incorporating all the fans’ favorites. reEDITORS’ musicians, tried and tested throughout Europe, have been playing together ever since 2005, and have been rocking their socks off performing various events and festivals. In short: reEDITORS is more than ready to give their upmost best in every exciting show they play. With the ever familiar sound and feel, reEDITORS lays down an energetic live set containing all of the hits of the hugely popular EDITORS. Get ready for a ton of reEDITORS!

reEDITORS is: Wouter Daemen, Roel Corstjens, Jan-Willem Sniekers, Martijn Hendrix

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