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Put on your shades, because Sun King comes to town. With a suitcase full of classic covers, we bring rays of that pure The Cult sound. “Revolution”, “Love Removal Machine” and “Nirvana” too. And of course “She Sells Sanctuary”, “Rise” and “Sweet Soul Sister” are some of the songs we’ll sing for you. All the way from the city of Zwolle, four Dutch guys are aiming for one goal. Call it post punk, call it glam metal or grunge. We call it rock ’n roll! We are Sun King. And you are invited.

Sun King is formed by four musicians who know their way in the world of rock ’n roll. All of them have played in several bands you might have heard or seen in the last few decades.

Sander van Olphen, lead singer, used to be the voice of bands like Livin’ Stone, Midnight Rambler and Fully Completely.

Ronald Oosterkamp is the Bass guitar player and was member of White Child, One World, Silence and Stitches.

Drummer Jan Habers started at the age of 15 in Black Widow / Godzilla and later on he played in The Boys Are Back.

Guitarist Wilco Lindeboom played in White Child, Nikx, In Trouble, Emerald, Livin’ Stone and Live Wire.

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